Member Testimonials

"Love hockey and enjoyed a great time at the game. Can't beat a FREE date night! Thanks,!!" -Robin B.

"Thanks for the Tickets this weekend. Had a blast and will be going back for more as soon as possible! Keep up the good work!" -Jacob W.

"Hockey game was a blast last Fri and looking forward to the concert this Fri!!" -Karla S.

"I went to my first event last was great...thanks" -Karen B.

"Just home from the Comedy show in Arlington. The venue is nice, the service was great, food & drink prices were reasonable and the show was great! You can't ask for anything better than that...except for my free ticket. Thank you!" -Scharlene R.

"We had so much fun on Saturday at the game! Down 4-2 to start the third, then ended with the last man in a shootout win! Super exciting!!!" -Shannon J.

"Went to the game last night with a buddy of mine. Great seats and an exciting game made my weekend!" -Jonathan F.

"Had a blast at the Comedy show... Needed a good laugh. We had the best seats in the place & guess what.... THEY WERE FREE!" -Jennifer T.

"Hockey was great by the way. We were 5 rows up center ice!" -Angie T.

"Thanks, guys. I had a blast at The Broadway Show the other night. Amazing venue, easy to pick up the seats, and the performers were amazing. I am looking forward to more events. Please keep it coming!" -Donnie M.

"Thanks,, got my tickets reserved!!" -Sara A.

"I've been to a Football game, the Rodeo, a Broadway Show, a Rock Concert all in the last 6 weeks.. Join, you'll love it" -Travis P.

"The Ballet performance was AMAZING!!! I took my 7-year-old daughter, who is a dancer, and we were both spellbound. The process to get our tickets was simple and easy, and our seats were FANTASTIC! The cost of our membership was more than covered by this event alone! Thank you! :)" -Katoiya B.

"The Show was AWE-SOME last night! Anyone else heads down and get on stage for the finale? Or was that just me?? HAHA!" -E. Scott A.

"Thanks,! It truly felt as if we were at a Broadway show. Amazing!!!" -Traci G.

"Thanks for the awesome tickets" -Julian O.

"Attended the Ballet. The performance was beautiful and the seats were awesome. Love!" -Jamie S.

"My seats were $65 side orchestra seats, very nice! Got to see a concert last night.. thank you!" -Kaori B.

"I got to see Comedy on awesome!" -Ryan H.

"Looking forward to another weekend! Comedy on Friday & Concert on Sunday...for free?!? I ♥ you guys!" -Leslie L.

"I really enjoyed the concert! The band really rocked it!" -Karla S.

"Had a blast this weekend!!! Wonderful show." -Erin A.

"I took the "single moms" out last night and had a great time. Thank you!" -Rhonda F.

In this short year, we have gone to more than 15 events. From the very first event we attended, the cost of the tickets we were given, the venue and the performances far exceeded what I expected. After attending only one event I upgraded from two seats to four so that I could take family and friends with us. We saw classical performances, children's performances, rock and roll superstars .... in a word I was amazed. Our seats were up close (for one of the events the regular price for individual seats in our row were over $200 a piece). My little girl has discovered that she loves theater and ballet. We attended several events where the performers interacted with us, autographing our posters and asking about her interests. She will forever be a theater lover. I told everyone I knew how awesome you were (and a couple of them took me at my word - signed up - and were immediately blown away) -Gina B.