Member Testimonials

Just wanted to thank you for last night tickets. The concert was amazing and we were given seats on the floor a few rows back from the stage. Thank you Again... -Sylvia O- LA Member

I really enjoy my SEATJUNKY LA membership, by the way, although I have only used it twice so far.  Great shows!! -Vickie S- LA Member

I have SeatJunkyLA and my Boyfriend has SeatJunkyOC between both sites we attend at least 2 events a month.  We have attended several events at the OC Segerstrom theater and some smaller theater houses, and enjoyed most all! Sure there are a couple of bad apples, but please - Get out of the house, dress up, have dinner and enjoy yourselves! -Olga Z. - LA Member

I have used my SeatJunky memberships many times and we really enjoy the events. It gives us a chance to inexpensively try places we may never try otherwise. I actually own memberships for both LA and OC.Well worth the membership. -Sherri E. - LA Member

I have had my membership for 2 years now and love it.  5 of my friends have also purchased the membership and we all go and have an amazing time.  I haven't gone to one venue I didn't like.  Keep up the Great Job!!!! -LA Member

Highly recommended. I love the wide variety of events AND on a daily basis. An amazing deal but you must check in regularly as some shows go quickly. Musicals, comedy shows,  ballets, plays, concerts, screenings, magic shows, to name a few examples. I was assigned tickets for Les Ballet Jazz de Montreal on the FIRST row and CENTER! SPECTACULAR!! -MS- LA Member

I don't get the bad reviews. Haters gonna hate... I've been to about 11 events now with my wife in the socal area and we've always had fun. We even got free food at one of them which is always a plus. -Spencer L- LA Member

I've recommended SeatJunky LA to numerous friends who have become members since the latter part of 2014.  If you attend 1 or 2 events with your membership, it makes up for the membership costs. There are no additional processing fees like incurred by some other sites. I've had the opportunity to attend some productions at wonderful theatres that I didn't know about previously. If you appreciate good theatre, whether a solo performance or a full-scale theatrical production, SeatJunky is a great place to join. I most definitely recommend membership to all. -Emily S. LA Member